The Culture Shock of Pre-school

Have you ever worked with pre-school kids? I recently had an opportunity to be a teacher’s aide at a pre-school and it was one of the most insightful experiences into the development of not only cross-cultural skills among kids, but also the culture shock of school that children experience for the very first time in […]

Spicy connections – Cardamom!

Originating in Southern India, cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla. With a long history that datesback as far as the 4th Century BC, the Ancient Greeks were partial to cardamom, although there may have been a few different spices masquerading under the same name. Over the years […]

Perfect Lil’ Blend!

“Here is my beautiful son! He is 4 years old and his daddy is black (dad from Jamaica and mom from St-Kitts) and I am caucasian!” – Stephanie Maheux

Mixed Nation Tutorial: Twisted Side Braid

Mixed Nation’s beauty blogger Elizabeth Berry shows you how to do a Twisted Side Braid! It’s perfect for a summer party or hanging out at the beach. Braid the entire thing or just halfway down! Also check out our Q&A with Elizabeth Berry to learn more about her style, beauty and inspiration!

A “Mixed” Bag of Laughs: My 5 Favorite Funny People of the Summer

I love to laugh. In my opinion, laughter is the perfect cure for a stressful day, a difficult breakup or bad news. Laughter is infectious, and it not only strengthens your body and mind, but also your spirit. Whether it’s a quiet chuckle or a guttural roar, laughter comes in many forms, just like the […]

Elle Varner Beautifully Blended Interview

An exclusive interview with one of the hottest up and coming R&B artists in the game. Elle Varner is proud of her mixed race and she shares some of her beautifully blended experiences with us. We are Mixed Nation! Support Elle Varner by purchasing her album on iTunes: Perfectly Imperfect Photo Source:

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