Beautifully Blended Adriana!

Thanks to Jennifer Crowley-Barnett for submitting this awesome photo of her daughter! Adriana is an up and coming model/actress, and she’s beautifully blended with Caucasian and Jamaican!

Beautiful Smile!

Thanks to Jersey Angel for sharing this beautiful photo! “I’m Jamaican and Indian!” – Jersey Angel

Polish and Haitian Blend!

Thanks to Agnes Olszewska Nazaire for submitting this adorable photo of her daughter. She’s beautifully blended with Polish and Haitian!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! How are you honoring our Earth today?

Adorable SF Giants Baby

This little superstar is just too cute! Kaylen Gianna is beautifully blended with Filipino and Black.   

Cutie Pie!

Thanks to Karen for sending in this adorable photo! We love the bow tie! “My son is half African American, half Filipino and 100% of my heart!” – Karen G Wells

Alexandria Burke-Berrain

Special thanks to Alexandria Burke-Berrian for her service and this cool photo submission. Out of many, we are one!

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