President Obama Responds to the Zimmerman Verdict

President Obama finally responds to the Zimmerman verdict. He shares his personal experiences and sheds light on how the African American community is feeling. He also touches on the inequality and stereotypes that still exist within our country. He passionately said “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” Please share your thoughts?

TED Talk: The Danger of a Single Story

Novelist Chimamanda Adichie talks about her Nigerian background and the importance of story-telling. We love her message! By opening ourselves up to the stories and experiences of others, we can further understand and celebrate each other! When was the last time you really listened to someone else’s story?

Fun Friday Video: Travel

We love this video! The world is so rich of different cultures, foods, languages, activities and traditions! Exploring these aspects of culture is an amazing experience. This video might only be 1 minute, but it is inspiring all the same! We love how much you can learn in this short video!

Cheerios Parody: Response to Haters

The bigots (a.k.a. haters) have spoken and they’re still pissed off about the super cute mixed race Cheerios commercial. Most people thought it was adorable, but the haters started a racist youtube battle that resulted in Cheerios having to disable the comments feature for their commercial. In response to the controversy, Kenji America  created this parody that […]

Cheerios Mixed Race Commercial Receives Racist Response

We’ve come a long way, but it’s obvious that we still have a lot of work to do. Cheerios posted this beautifully blended commercial to their YouTube page on Tuesday and it already has over 1,745,092 views…but it’s not because of how cute it is. Yesterday, Cheerios decided to disable the comments feature because the section […]

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

We’ve all seen the biracial Cheerios commercial – however this video shows the commercial from a different perspective! These children don’t see color, instead they see a normal family. Watch this beautiful video to hear the opinions of children about the commercial and why love is colorblind!

Duck Tape Surfing!

Pascale Honore believed that her surfing dreams where over when she got into an accident and became a paraplegic. However, with some help from a family friend and some duck tape she is now living her dream! We love this video because it exhibits resilience and never giving up on your dreams. By working together, we […]

Mexican-American Boy’s National Anthem and Response to Haters

Sebastien de la Cruz is a proud Mexican-American (11 year old boy) with an amazing voice and a great attitude. He did an amazing job representing all of his culture while singing the National Anthem before game 3 of the NBA Finals. Unfortunately some racist bigots decided to spew their venom behind the shield of […]

Is interracial dating still an issue?

Undercover actors in a restaurant conduct an experiment to see how other people will react to an interracial relationship on the show “What Would You Do?”. Love should be colorblind, but the results of this experiment show that many people still have an issue with interracial dating! What would you do if you saw this […]

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