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Absolute Belief System (ABS)

We must also build what I call an ABS (absolute belief system) in order to succeed at a level that most of the world would see as unrealistic. Is there anything in the world that man has created, that someone else wouldn’t have called unrealistic before its existence? If you take a good look around, you will notice that most people would have perceived every creation as impossible before it was created. Who would have ever thought that we would be able to talk to someone half way across the world with a gadget the size of our hand? Self-taught engineer Dr Percy Spencer came up with the microwave, and you could just imagine trying to tell people 300 years ago that we were going to cook food with no fire. We have flown to the moon and back, can see other people as if they are right in front of us even though they are thousands of miles away, or check the local movie times through wireless internet. I was amazed with wired internet, and then they had to just bamboozle me and create wireless!

Take a look at anything around you right now and you will see that it had to have started as a mental picture in someone’s mind. Do you realise how fascinating, amazing and mysterious it is to see something in your mind, then create it to be right in front of you and tangible? So how is this possible?

A simple explanation would  be that it began as a vision followed by a belief system around it. Those beliefs then resulted in the vision to seem like a reality in the mind, which then caused it to come into existence through appropriate action. Trying to ultimately explain this phenomenon is impossible. It is one of the mysteries of life. And just because we don’t fully understand it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not our gift to put it into practice everyday.

Here is a strategy and simple experiment that might help you out…

1. Concept: Close your eyes and visualise holding a piece of paper in front of your face with your name written on it. Do this for ten seconds. See the letters and feel the paper, but only in your mind. This is only a mental vision, so make sure you do nothing physically.

2. Action: Did you see that paper with your name on it? Now, get out a piece of paper, a pen, and physically write your name on it.

3. Creation: Hold it in front of your face. It’s real; touch it. Do you now see that you actually just created that to be real? Where was it before you were able to touch it (Step 1)? It was just a figment of your imagination, right? You just brought something that was only in your mind, into reality. You foresaw the future, took action and created it!

For a moment, comprehend the magnitude this acknowledgement to create can have on your life.

Excerpt from the book- Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO by Daniel Chidiac

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