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Eracism Anti-Racism Movement

Eracism [erase – ism]: The act of erasing racism and all forms of discrimination.

Eracism Promo

The Eracism concept and design were created by Mixed Nation founder Luke Whitehead with the help of comic book artist Mario “OMG” Gully. Together we can truly make a difference. The world needs this. Please Like & Share, if you agree.

Eracism Group Photo

Use discount code MN15 at checkout for 15% Off. Proceeds help our meaningful brand/movement make a difference. Eracism merchandise available now: www.MixedNationStore.com

Eracism T-shirt

We encourage you to submit photos (email: [email protected]) wearing your Eracism gear along with a meaningful message (messages optional). We will feature our wonderful supporters a.k.a “Champions for Change” on our social media channels.

Mixed Nation

We are a multicultural movement created to celebrate our diversity & inspire cultural harmony! Please share your thoughts, stories & photos with us. Together we will make a difference.