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Ever ask yourself – WHO AM I?

We need to ask questions that spurt growth and prevent us from feeling as if we are insignificant and worthless. It’s very important to ask and reflect on the question ‘Who am I?’ before anything else. This may seem a daunting question when first glanced at; however probing deeper will surely unravel the truth. Not fully acknowledging the answer may really cloud what you really want, and deter you from ever experiencing a ‘great’ life.

Ask what type of person you are deep down, regardless of some decisions you have made in the past. Let’s give some examples, but just note, that the answers are away from experience for now, but more to the point of who you know you really are, deep within your heart. Take a few seconds to think as you go through each question.

Am I a loving person?

Am I respectful?

Am I compassionate?

Am I generous and sharing?

Am I an honest person?

Am I grateful?

After going through those questions, did your mind automatically begin to remind you of times that you weren’t that person? If that was the case, it’s because your mind is still conditioned to looking at experiences, and especially yourself, in the worst possible way. If you are human, then I’m sure there have been times in your life when these positive attributes haven’t been displayed. I’m definitely guilty of that, but it doesn’t alter the fact that we are not that person deep down. Realistically, if we were stuck with choices and some of the actions we have taken in life, I’m certain that most wouldn’t even be reading this right now. So don’t deliberately remember the times you weren’t, be intelligent and focus on the times you did display these qualities. Now, run through the questions again, but in addition ask this: ‘When was a time that I did display this quality?’ After you do, come back and read on…

The more you focus on being that great person, the more invigorated and energetic you feel. Did you feel proud of yourself when you went back to that moment? How did it compare to focusing on not being that person? Reminding yourself of these essential values to gain fulfilment will give you incentive to use them more often. If you truly don’t think you are that person, ask yourself, ‘How can I be?’ and you will instantly be flooded with ideas. Further to that, if you don’t want to be that person, then unfortunately that’s the reason you are unfulfilled in the first place, and never experiencing the true essence of life. In my opinion, that is a very sad life to live, and one I wouldn’t trade with for all the money in the world. The challenge isn’t knowing who we are as a person, it’s having the courage to act like it.

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