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iiSuperwomanii: YouTube Comedian Sensation

If you like to laugh about human behavior, I strongly recommend youtube sensation: iisuperwomanii. I find her absolutely hilarious because her sense of humor isn’t racist humor, but rather a really smart way of pointing out how our biological hardwiring and/or cultural conditioning makes for some funny human interactions. Instead of making fun of people in a mean way, she creatively pokes fun at some of the quirky and awkward habits we all have, whether we want to admit it or not.

Another reason why I admire her is because she is a female and you hardly ever see female comedians, especially those that really don’t care about being super silly and being a complete goofball in front of people. In addition, she is Indian-Canadian (not Native or Indigenous). She has no Indian accent because she grew up in Canada, but because she grew up within a traditional Indian household, she can bring on the accent whenever she wants and it is super funny whenever she chooses to speak with it because it emphasizes whatever point she is trying to make in her often sarcastic skits.

Yes, she does skits, not just stand-up comedy routines- although some of her videos are just of her standing up and ranting off about whatever topic that video is focused on. But the ones I enjoy the most are the videos where she goes all out and acts out scenarios to drive the point home. She dresses up as her mom and her dad, dresses up as teenage boys- I mean, this young lady is indeed versatile and goes all out in producing her ridiculously funny skits!

The first time I came across one of her youtube videos, I couldn’t stop watching them. My friend and I went on a iisuperwomanii marathon, laughing so hard like we had not done in a long time and it felt good. Laughing is so healing and it is hard to find comedians that you can watch with the whole family (well, maybe more like 12 and up). But iisuperwomanii is something that made me (a 34 year old) bond with my 12 year old niece. You can imagine how difficult pre-teens are (or if you are a pre-teen yourself, then you can imagine what a nag adults are in your life sometimes), but one thing we can agree on is how clever and funny this young lady is!

So, if  you ever find yourself bored or in need of a good laugh to get your mind off of the stresses of life, check out iisuperwomanii. She has so many videos on youtube because she produces new videos every Monday and Thursday, so I can almost guarantee you would find a few that would make you laugh, at least a little. Some of my favorite videos are: How Girls Get Ready; My Parents Reaction to Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball; Expectations vs. Reality; What Parents Actually Mean; What Kids Actually Mean. So, what are you waiting for? Go check her out!

Kaira Portillo

Kaira Portillo-Espinoza was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is grateful for having grown up around such a wide spectrum of diversity, which makes the Bay Area the unique place it is. Her first published book, Poems About This Roller-Coaster Ride Called Life, is a collection of poems she wrote throughout high school and college and explores issues of injustice, resistance, sexuality, and empowerment.

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  • Whooo representin’ Canada! I just love her 🙂

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