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Kim Kardashian on Raising a Biracial Child with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is on a press tour for her first major acting role in Tyler Perry’s “Temptation”. Surprisingly this press tour includes more than just maternity fashion and entertainment. During an interview with BET (on Wed. in NYC) the mom-to-be shared her thoughts on raising a biracial child with her (African-American) beau Kanye West.

The 32-year-old beauty is a multicultural blend of Armenian, Dutch, Scottish & American. Kim admits that when it comes to parenting there’s a lot of things she’ll have to learn during the process, but it’s obvious that she has a good game plan for raising her first child in an open minded and worldly way.

She explained:


“I have a lot of friends who are of all different nationalities and their children are bi-racial, so they’ve talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect. The most important thing is, the way I want to raise my children is to not see color. There are experiences that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it, but raising a child in general is challenging. As long as you are open-minded and don’t have any pre-conceived ideas of how you are going to raise your children, it really keeps this broad spectrum. Obviously, you want your child to travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere. So that’s really important to me.”


Kim and Kanye will join the ranks of other celebrity parents raising mixed race children, such as Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum & Seal, and Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry. Their baby is do in July and we wish them all the best!


What are your thoughts on raising biracial children in 2013?

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Luke is the founder and CEO of Mixed Nation. He is a global ambassador for diversity, equity, and inclusion with certification from Cornell University. He is a former professional basketball player. He has dedicated his life to impact meaningful change within his circle of influence.

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