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Michael Sam Breaking Barriers

 In keeping with our motto of “Empower-Inspire-Embrace” Mixed Nation recognizes the accomplishment of Michael Sam becoming the first openly gay National Football League player! In doing so, Michael also revealed the mixture of his relationship. Mixed Nation appreciates and respects the point of views of its supporters. We ask that your comments continue to be respectful!

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5 thoughts on “Michael Sam Breaking Barriers

  • ShellyGolden

    I think it’s a shame that you have to ask people to be respectful to one another. How does his relationships affect us one way or another? Everyone should be free to love who they love. It’s not our place to judge others. Just be kind and treat everyone with respect.

  • IreneOviedo

    Who cares if he’s gay! Its not like he’s hurting anyone!

  • What ever goes on in someone else’s bedroom is none of my business. Good for him if he’s happy. It doesn’t effect my marriage.

  • They are a beautiful couple and joy shines through their smiles.

  • Beautiful and humble looking couple. Live and let live. Only God has all the answers.

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