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Mixed Me: A Tale of a Girl Who is Both Black and White

Mixed Me is a colorful children’s book about a little girl who is mixed with black and white. She light-heartedly pokes fun at what it’s like to live life as a mixed girl and about some of the assumptions other people make about her as a result. What’s beautiful about this book is that little girl is determined to embrace her uniqueness and is determined to be the best “me” she can be. She realizes that what’s important is not necessarily “what” you are but that it’s who you are.


Source: Mixed Me

Tiffany Catledge, a biracial author and mother of six, came up the idea for Mixed Me as a way to tell her story and to celebrate being mixed. She believes in creating healthy dialogue and encouraging everyone to tell their own story as well. Tiffany explained to me that when she was a little girl, books with storylines like Mixed Me weren’t available to her and that even 4 years ago, when she began writing the story, it was rare to see mixed people in children’s books. She is happy to see that this is becoming more commonplace and that individuals of mixed race are now being celebrated in literature.

For more information about Mixed Me you can visit www.MixedMe.org or visit Amazon.com to purchase your copy.

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