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3 thoughts on “Mixed Nation Community Question: Cara

  • EddieWhitehead1

    The weird looks you get are covers for what that person would like to say to you in words. They take great pride in making you feel uncomfortable. You job is to show complete comfort in who you are, as your parents are able to do. Relax and enjoy the skin you’re in.

  • SassyHalfy

    I get this alot too being mixed and part of a blended family. You aren’t a sponge, don’t absorb other peoples insecurities and let them make you feel bad. You are exactly how God made you and that is something to be proud of.

  • SamanthaRoxannePayne

    If peope stare at me, i either stare back or just say hi!  and move on… If they have a problem with you it’s their problem, don’t let it become yours <3

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