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Mixed Nation Community Question: Fitting In

Mixed Nation’s Community Question is from Marcus who asks, “I feel like I have trouble fitting in at school. I’m half white and half black and sometimes I feel like I have to choose one or the other to associate with. Have any of you ever felt this way? What did you do?”

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One thought on “Mixed Nation Community Question: Fitting In

  • KiaraSharaeChampion

    Hi Marcus, 

    I am half black and half white also. I had the same issue coming through school, I didn’t know who would accept me. The people who like you will like you for you just the way you are. I really did not know how to relate to “black” girls in school, they watched completely different shows than me and dealt with things I never new about. I realized after my first year of college that the people who liked me, liked me because of my personality, not the color of my skin. I had friends that were black, white, Arabic, and many other nationalities. People will respect you so much more if you stay the same no matter who you are around. I see the same girls I did not know how to interact with now, 5 years after I have graduated, and they treat me like a person, not black or white just a person. My greatest advice is to stay true to yourself, your true friends will love you no matter what. Associate with people who are supportive and positive, not negative and not trying to go anywhere in life. I feel that as you grow older, you get more comfortable in your skin and have more confidence. I am the only “tan” person at my boyfriend’s family get togethers and at my church, but everyone knows how I am. You like me for who I am, not what color I am. If you have a problem with me just because of a color than that just proves how closed minded you are, and I have pity on you. 

    Also, don’t let what anyone says about who you hang out with bother you. Sometimes people would say “Why do you always hang out with the white girls?”, well they were nice to me and that is all that mattered. Like I said, your true friends don’t care what color you are only who you are on the inside. It is sometimes a hard road, and trust me it was no piece of cake for me even if I am writing this. But truly as you get older, you become more aware that color is only a small part of the overall picture. A nice person is a nice person and a mean person is a mean person no matter the color. I pray that you have the confidence to stay true to yourself, you will find those that love you and support you in all your endeavors. Friendship is color blind, even if it takes you a while to find that out, it’s the truth.

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