“Can I get some love? I LOVE being mixed. I am 50% black and white and destroying the statistics of bi-racial children not making it far in higher education. I am God’s child, a Triathlete, an Integrated Supply Chain Major at Michigan State, a young entrepreneur, a role model, and proud to be who I am!

The attached photo is part of an event I helped run. We had others write what they felt in their heart and we combined everyone’s photos and posted them all over campus. It was a huge success!

The caption was “Join MSU STUDENT LEADERS UNITING to take a stand against ignorance, discrimination and intolerance. It is not ok to make racial jokes. It is not ok to assume some students deserve to be at MSU while others shouldn’t. If you received an acceptance letter to MSU, this is your MSU too! We ALL deserve to be at MSU.” – Garrett Robinson

Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing, Garrett! Much love to you!!

Mixed Nation

Mixed Nation

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