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Mixed Nation Inspiration: Jordan Alexis Epley

Hi Mixed Nation! My name is Jordan…but in Thailand, they call me Jojo. I’m 13 years old and I was born in America…but moved to Thailand when I was 7. I’m half black, 1/4 white, and 1/4 Thai. I love being able to claim 3 very different ethnicities and I embrace every part of who I am. Living in a country where dark skin is considered ugly, I have gone through insecure times…but at this point, I am so confident in who I am…dark skin, big hair, and all…I love how God made me! My passions are basketball and singing. One Love!

Here’s a video of me singing, hope you like it!  http://youtu.be/tuIwQdwZG88

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  • You look so much like my baby girl ! Your beautiful!!!

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