The Samuel Legacy!

Thanks to Carmyn Samuel for sending in this beautiful family photo! Much love!

The Blackwell Family

Thanks to Cath CG Blackwell for sharing this beautiful family photo with us! “Mixed is beautiful” – Cath CG Blackwell!

Beautifully Blended Savannah!

Thanks Renata Monique Walters for sending in this beautiful photo! “This is my mixed daughter her name is Savannah and she’s 10 mixed with African American and Caucasian” – Renata

A Colorful Family!

Thanks to Clorinda Sheridan for sharing this great photo of her daughters beautifully blended family. We are Mixed Nation!

Adorable Couple!

Thanks to Chris Taylor for sending in this adorable photo! “I love this woman and I want more people to know it!” – Chris

The Bonnallie Family

Thanks to Sherri Bonnallie for sending in this amazing photo! “My children are Jamaican, Italian, Scottish, Irish and French and they are a beautiful extension to our cultures. Bless to all!” – Sherri Bonnallie

A Prayer

“A prayer for peace, equality and justice…Lord please help us.” -Luke Whitehead

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