First Miss America Winner of Indian Descent

Congratulations to the new “Miss America” Nina Davuluri! She’s the first ever “Miss America” of Indian decent. Unfortunately the trend of online racism continued moments after she was crowned. People quickly took to the internet to spew their ignorant venom. The world is definitely showing signs of cultural harmony, but unfortunately the racism has continued […]

Swirl Cone youth t-shirt

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Erin’s Mixed Girls!

“I’m Erin mixed African American, American Indian /German and these are my beautiful mixed daughters Brielle 3 and Jocelyn almost 1. Everyone thinks I’m either babysitting the older one or that they can’t be full sisters because they look so different but they are! One just looks like my husband and the other takes after […]

Happy Birthday Halle!

Mixed Nation would like to give a birthday shoutout to Halle Berry on her birthday! Much love Halle!

Miriam’s Wedding Day!

Thanks to Miriam Dapron for the incredibly beautiful photo from your wedding day! You look stunning! Best wishes to you both! “This is a picture of my husband David and I. We married in June 2012 the same month interracial marriage became legal over 46 years ago!” – Miriam

Happy Grandparents Day

Today’s a special day, it’s National Grandparents Day! So show some love by Liking, Sharing and Commenting on this post ­čÖé

Beautiful Addison!

“This is our daughter Addison! She’s black & white! We just love her! She’s 10 months old!” – Robbie

Perfect Lil’ Blend!

“Here is my beautiful son! He is 4 years old and his daddy is black (dad from Jamaica and mom from St-Kitts) and I am caucasian!” – Stephanie┬áMaheux

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