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Sister Sister star Tamera Mowry Reveals Tales of Abuse Towards Her Interracial Marriage

It was reported yesterday that Sister Sister star Tamera Mowry opened up about the amount of online abuse her and her husband, Adam Housely, have been receiving for years about their interracial marriage. Tamera was recently on Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now’, and broke down into tears detailing the levels of horrific racial slurs and verbal abuse from online commenters. The couple has been happily married for 3 years and have a beautiful child, Aden, together.



Photo credit: ABC News

In the video, it is heart wrenching to see Tamera break down into tears over the trouble and harmful abuse the couple has faced. Tia and Tamera come from a mixed family, their mother being black and their father white, and were not raised to see color – only love. Tamera’s twin sister Tia married a black man, and is quoted saying, ‘They say, ‘Oh Tia’s a true black woman because she married a black man,’ Tamera said. ‘Oh – I’m less of a black person because I married white?'”.

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The fact that abuse, negativity and harmful comments are still occurring in today’s world is deeply upsetting. You can watch the video below:

How do you feel about this situation? What would your words of advice be to Tamera?

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26 thoughts on “Sister Sister star Tamera Mowry Reveals Tales of Abuse Towards Her Interracial Marriage

  • Kevin Williams

    Young lady my family on both my mother’s side and my father’s side is a union such as yours, from the time of the civil war. (South Carolina & Georgia) Your son resembles me and a number of my family members.  Understand that those who call others names and hide behind the veil of the internet are weak and insecure individuals.

  • Kevin Williams

    Young lady my family on both my mother’s side and my father’s side is
    a union such as yours, from the time of the civil war and before.
    (South Carolina & Georgia) Your son resembles me and a number of my
    family members. On my Father’s side my Great Great Grand Father signed
    the secession papers for the south to secede from the north but from one
    of his sons is a long line of educated 7th generation college educated
    family. This family from my Mother’s side, is a lineage that fought in
    the American Revolution along side George Washington.  We are now
    Cherokee, African American, French, Scottish, Irish and with my daughter
    German splashed in.
    Understand that those who are
    calling you and others names are weak and insecure. They hide behind the
    veil of the internet because they are afraid to speak openly. 
    Regardless their numbers are probably fewer than we think, it’s only
    because they are more vocal that we think otherwise.

    did think these attitudes would lessen but hearing of what my
    grandmother went through and seeing what my father went through in his
    career, what I’ve gone through and what my 20 year old daughter has
    experienced, I’ve concluded there will always be small minded people.
    However, I do think it is getting better. 
    Know that your husband and son are a beautiful family.

  • lumiereleclaire

    Some people are just plain ignorant.  I am Haitian, and my husband is German. I have been exposed to the same type of verbal abuse. The most hurtful was when I was on my honeymoon in Saint Thomas Virgin Island, one guy preceded to curse me out . On my one year anniversary we travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a lady sweeping the alley stopped and said in Spanish “Look at that nigger with the white guy.”  She assumed because I am black that I do not speak Spanish.  I can write a book when it comes to the mean, racial slurs directed my way because my husband is white.

    My advice to Tamera is to not let these ignorant fools upset her.  

    Nicole Weaver

    • JennyRietta

      lumiereleclaire  As if the mexican girl had room to be racist! She was jealous because she was probably single and ugly!

  • TinaRoyCeesay

    Hang in there I have been married to my African husband for 20 years and it still shocks me that some of the racial issues come from family and friends. I can not tell you of the horrible things that have happens it will make you cry, stay strong. be strong for your children they are going to need it. And before they go to school find a good box of Crayola politically correct pigmentation crayons and make sure their school teaches diversity.  We have a chance to change this countries race issues and it needs to start at the crayon level. We love your family. You and your sisters children are beautiful and are awesome human beings hopefully we will see change in their lifetime. Tina RoyCeesay

  • blondielicious79

    Best piece of advice I received from my Puerto Rican mama who was married to my black father: everyone will not understand, accept, or respect your choice to be in an IR. It is also not your responsibility to make them understand, accept or respect your IR. They do not pay your bills. They do not care for your children. And they do not dictate your happiness. Ignore those who look down upon you and do not let that stop you from loving who you love.

  • TrinaStPierre

    If they love each other the color of your skin means nothing. people who say otherwise should be ashamed!

  • wolfcat87

    Neither is black and the color of the men they marry matters not.

  • AnaBastow

    I wish I could hug you. I wish I could snap my fingers and make the world a better place a place where people can see each other with the love your husband and you see yourself. Sadly I can’t this fight won’t end now or tomorrow but trust that your kids, our kids will have it a little easier just because of your strength. Keep your head high, sister. As long as you have love you are not alone. *hugs*

  • CarrieDixonFalcon

    I understand your pain, but your love is strong. I’ve had co eorkers say they don’t get me because I’m engaged to a white man. Like I forgot I am black. No baby I am not black. I am human.

    • blondielicious79

      @CarrieDixonFalcon I love your response! I feel the same way. I am human first and foremost. And that should be all that matters!

  • Elbi_Bori

    This is horrible. I hate that this is still happening to people in IR all over the country. I am over the moon in love with my bf, who’s Chinese and Filipino, while I’m Italian/Puerto Rican. I’ve heard the gamut of racial jokes mostly from my own mother, who’s finally come to accept that he’s not going anywhere and she’s probably going to be getting biracial grandbabies, but I’ve heard other things too like “Oh, you like anime and manga, you must be THRILLED your bf is Asian” or “Really? Couldn’t find any nice hispanic boys?” Meanwhile, my bf could have been black, white, or purple. I don’t care. my ex before him was Puerto Rican/Russian. I’ve had crushes on black boys. I don’t have a ‘type’. I love people for who they are, not what they look like.

    • blondielicious79

      @Elbi_Bori I totally agree. People should be able to date and love and marry whomever they choose. Yes, my souse is white butI’ve dated black men, Latino men, And Middle Eastern men. I simply married the man that treated me the way I deserved to be treated and loves me more than anything. I am also grateful that the community I live in has such a high population of IR couples & families spanning 2 & 3 generations back, that I don’t think I deal too much with of the backlash. The worst treatment I’ve ever gotten is actually from white women who are involved with black men giving me dirty looks. I can only assume that either they think I’m offended by their union, or the white woman feels intinidated by my appearance, and every so often we get basty looks from elderly people, both black and white. I just ignore the older folks. I know their attitudes may be coming from deep seeded ideals they were taught way back, about “race mixing” being a bad thing. And for the white women with the black man, I don’t care about them either. I just laugh to myself and think “girlie, if you only knew. I love my white husband and am not even concerning myself with you or your black man & there is no need to ever feel threatened by me or other women who look like me . “

  • DianeWrightMoore

    Please Tamera don’t let those who say hateful things define who you and your family are!! I know it hurts…..My sons are Black and one son is married to a lovely Indian/White woman, My second son is black and married to a White Woman, and My third Son is Black and married to a Italian/Black Woman…We have a family of many Nations and I would not have it any other way!! I love my Daughter In Loves with all my heart and Thank God for sending them to our Family. Thank you for sharing your story!! We will never be able to change people’s perception of us and that is fine. Because you are right it is all about love…..and there are more people out there who accept Interracial Marriages then those who don’t!! I love Mixed Nations….I love all people from the Human Race!!! You will be allright because of the way your parents raised you!! Keeping you and your family in my prayers daily!! Love you and your sister’s family!!

  • rjreev_44

    So Sorry to hear that fellow AMERICANS are treating you this way.  I have watched you since you were young and you and your sister are amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Also remember what God allows you to go through will only make you stronger. Those people who condemn you probably don’t have the love like you do so they react by lashing out at you. You are HUMAN and I think very highly of you. Keep letting your light shine all around you and know you are a child of God and He is the only one you are accountable for and He knows your Heart! Stay strong and always remember this fan Loves you and yours!

  • yvonneyvette81

    I myself am blk/white and Hispanic and I am currently dating a hispanic man I’ve always been blind to racism because it never directly affected me until I started dating my boyfriend I get weird looks usually by other Hispanic women and he
    Get looks by black men sometimes they try to start drama by trying to hit on me when they obviously know we are together we have also had a Mexican man yell out to him “what’s wrong with our women !!” But I don’t care because we are in love and ignorance will never alter what we have nor will it affect my emotions. .

  • CathyTimberlake

    Live your life. Don’t let the ignorance of others interfere with your happiness!

  • anikaogle

    Tamera, you are such a beautiful soul and you are willing to share your world. To the haters, I say this, they are jealous and fearful of what you have. How many married couples can show their love and have such a beautiful baby? Don’t let it get you down. My daughter is bi-racial (I’m black and my husband is white) and she is a phenomenal little girl and loves life and does not see color, she sees people’s true essence and chooses interact and show love to others. Continue to show the world your love for your family.

  • M_chavez1984

    Dear tamara:

    It is racism and sad that it is still happening..Another form is known as colorism and recommend watching oprah’s life class. I am a latina and if people would label me brown. Keep on and do not take it personal because it is someone else’s ignorance. Continue to be happy with such a handsome husband and gorgeous child.


  • Mz_RaShida

    Just know you’re my favorite twins! You have a positive image, and I just adore you two so much. Nothing can erase your beauty inside or out. I know it’s hard, but I hope you don’t live life around other people’s hate for you. Love is more powerful than hate. Being in the public eye is never easy, and social media makes it difficult on an exponential level. But you two seem to be living life to the best of your ability and keeping the negativities far away. Just know there are millions of others who love you all for being positive black, white, mixed, human being sisters on television. May God continue to shower you both with blessings.
    Skin color is so trivial, yet still finds it way to be in the top problems of America. A man is made up of his character and his actions.
    Peace upon you.

  • SusanJax


    I was about 7 or 8 years old when my brother and I found out that we were the product of an interracial marriage.  We were upset at our “father” for punishing us needlessly and wondering why he treated us so badly, when my aunt, who happened to be watching us one day said “He isn’t even your father, your father passed away and he was black”.  Our mother had tried to erase the fact that we were biracial, as we were very light complected and were easy to pass off as “white”, and had even given us our stepfather’s last name, even though he hadn’t legally adopted us. You see, not only was my father black, he was at the time of my brothers birth was 59 years old, and my mother, who is white, was 21.  At the time of my birth they were 61 and 23 respectively.  My mother’s family, after my father died, hadn’t wanted her to remain in contact with my father’s “black” family, and my father’s siblings/family (except for our half brothers and sisters that were all around the age of my mother at the time), didn’t want us to have anything to do with them either.  We didn’t even have any photos to know what our father and siblings looked like!   They thought it better to raise us “white” and act as though our father and the large family we had with them, which grew even larger did not exist, and we could never be part of as we technically passed for “white”.  When our aunt told us of our heritage, we began to understand why our white stepfather was horribly abusive toward us, even occasionally calling us “black bastards”, though this would never be true as even though we were black, our parents were married at the time of our births.  After this new knowledge was presented to us, it became our purpose to try and find our paternal family.  42 years later, after doing research on Ancestry.com, I finally found a cousin and some old photos of not only our father, but of 4 of our 6 other siblings! My brother and I were ecstatic! We finally knew who they were, and they knew who we were and we were finally reunited at our family reunion in August of 2012. There are only two siblings left out of six, as one of my sisters died as a toddler, two others had passed away in their 50’s, and a brother, who had been ill and could not attend the reunion, just passed recently, but not before my brother Charles and I had the chance to see him, which was an amazing thing.  I have to say that finding my paternal family after 42 years has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my 44 years on this earth, everyone welcomed Charles and I with open arms, and it was as if we had NEVER been apart! What you say sweet Tamera is true, color does not make a family, LOVE does, and even though Charles and I had not seen or been around our paternal family for 42 years, we loved them even before we re-met them, and never stopped believing or hoping that we would one day be with each other again.  I want to let you know Tamera, that my family and I, all the Jackson clan, we support you and your family, this includes everyone, whether black, white, brown, or purple! We, as does your family, BELIEVE in the love of family, and you can take comfort in knowing that there are people out there that do not hold the bigoted opinions that many others have had toward you and the rest of your family.  Those people will find out on judgement day just exactly what life was supposed to be about and by then, it will be too late for them to try and change.  Many blessings to you and yours Tamera, sending love and healing your way as well.

    Susan Jackson.

  • TylerBrown1

    Dear Tamara Mowry, 

    I don’t think that you are receiving those abusive online remarks because of you are married to white man, I honestly think it’s because your marriage is based off Godly love and we both know the person out the who is out to kill, steal, and destroy and he’s trying to destroy your marriage. I don’t blame you for feeling the hurt, but hold it together YOUR DOING GREAT!!!! 🙂 

    Sister Sister fan, Tyler

  • mixednloveit

    i love you so so so much i know   how you  feel because i go thru the some  thing  but you have  to ply it no mind  to be a  kid i know how you feel  my mom is white and dad is black  i do not know why there is  so   much hate but what ever any body say but you are still  my role model love you tamara and  I wish you luck  and your family and you son is beautiful ps venus kennedy

  • PriencessMoneChaiung

    she not even 100% black so why is people getting mad at her marrying a white person

  • psweyah727

    As long as you and hubby are happy what other people think don’t matter. .. Enjoy your family the social media is just that don’t let it bother you. .

  • luckykhaki902

    I don’t know why people hate when other intermarry,wat s wrong WTH pple? Why mind somebody else happiness?? Am one of those black ladies who will gt married to a white man n give both to my mixd kids,one of this days!!

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