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TeensWay Project at the Wing Luke Museum – Seattle

We love hearing about inspirational and passionate projects from our community members. When Roldy Aguero Ablao contacted us about the amazing project that was happening at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, we had to share it!

Roldy was kind enough to write in and tell us about this wonderfully collaborative project that several students participated in a few months ago. In the spirit of keeping the conversation going around this piece, Roldy explained the details of the exhibit:

Artist M.G. – Click the photo to see more from this awesome project!

“I am a teaching artist and educator based out of the Seattle area. I also work at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, where “War Baby/Love Child” an exhibit that investigates the construction of mixed heritage and Asian American identity in the United States, is currently being shown.

This past summer, the Wing Luke was able to partner with a local school and connect with one of their affinity clubs – a student club based on various interests – called MIXED CHICKS in not only creating art but also giving students an opportunity to exhibit their work in one of the galleries at the Wing Luke Museum. Through this collaboration, we were able to bring teaching artists to the school who worked primarily with these students in creating portraits of their own design, using paint and a whole bunch of mix media. Suffice it to say, each portrait tells a different story, one that is both personal and abstract, but strong in their stillness.

Artist: A.M. Click the photo to read the beautiful story behind this amazing piece!

The show ended a couple of months ago but I wanted to find ways to continue the conversation on mixed race identity through the lens of youth and young people, which is why I thought to send you a link to their work. Mixed Nation is a wonderful resource and is soon becoming a leader in the continually changing dialogue of mixed race identity, and I appreciate the youth voice that Mixed Nation includes. They are the next generation and the world that they will be inheriting will be different from the world today, and it is important to validate our young people for their honesty, skill and creativity in anyway possible.

Artist: D.D, Click the photo to learn more about this inspiring project!

Right now, we only have a tumblr to showcase their work, it includes a description of the exhibit that was up and each students artist statement. It is our hope that people will be able to connect with some of their stories even after the show has ended and maybe to hopefully be inspired to throw on some paint, take some pictures, and reveal our inner selves for the world to see.”

– Roldy Aguero Ablao

Artist: P.D. Click the photo to learn more about this amazing project.

We love this artistic movement and we encourage everyone to check it out!


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