We’ve come a long way, but it’s obvious that we still have a lot of work to do.

Cheerios posted this beautifully blended commercial to their YouTube page on Tuesday and it already has over 1,745,092 views…but it’s not because of how cute it is.

Yesterday, Cheerios decided to disable the comments feature because the section was turning into a racist message board that the KKK would be extremly proud of.  Tim Nudd at AdWeek quotes some of the phrases, which included “Nazis,” “troglodytes” and “racial genocide.” (There were much worse before Cheerios tried to clean them up.)

Here’s a few comments on a repost of the commercial:

— “It is not hatred to love your own people. Cultural Marxist views are threatening to destroy ALL distinct peoples through forced assimilation and miscegenation.”

— “Throughout all of human history, race-mixing and multiracial/multicultural societies have never, not even once, occurred ‘naturally’. It has always been the result of conquest, group A being forced by group B. The systematic decline of western economies has lead to lower white birth rates. Massive non-white immigration leads to loss of land, resources and opportunities for whites. Encouraging whites to race-mix leads to loss of white genetics. It’s not about one Cheerios commercial.”

— “Mixing Shit + Milk = Shitty Milk.”

As of this post, the ad has 23,384 likes and 1,498 dislikes

When will ads like this just be considered cute and not such a heated debate?

Luke Whitehead

Luke Whitehead

Luke is the founder of Mixed Nation. His dream is to empower, inspire, and embrace Mixed Nation's global community. He's proud of his black & white mix, and strongly believes that people should be able to represent all of who they are. He's a former University of Louisville Cardinal & International professional basketball star. He graduated from U of L with a degree in communications. See more articles by this author >