Sebastien de la Cruz is a proud Mexican-American (11 year old boy) with an amazing voice and a great attitude. He did an amazing job representing all of his culture while singing the National Anthem before game 3 of the NBA Finals. Unfortunately some racist bigots decided to spew their venom behind the shield of their computers.

Here’s two of the hateful tweets:



The “haters” must really be mad now because their hateful words backfired on them, Sebastien was invited to sing an encore of the National Anthem before game 4! He has also received an outpouring of support from people all over the world. Here’s the President promoting for┬áSebastien’s encore yesterday:



Sebastien has decided to ignore the “haters” and focus on the positive, displaying his multicultural pride and class to the world!

Sebastien De la CruzPhoto Source: NBC

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Luke Whitehead

Luke Whitehead

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