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NBA 2014 Best Draft Pick: Isaiah Austin

On Sunday, former Baylor star Isaiah Austin’s NBA dreams came to an extremely unfortunate end as team doctors discovered that he suffered from an enlarged aorta in his heart, just four days before he would’ve heard his name announced as a first-round NBA draft pick.

Isaiah was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Isaiah was told that playing basketball could put pressure on his aorta and cause his heart to explode.

The new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver invited Isaiah and his family to attend the draft on Thursday night as his special guests. What Isaiah didn’t know was that his dream of being drafted by the NBA was still going to come true!


(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

“With the next pick in the 2014 NBA Draft,” Silver said from the stage before the 16th¬†pick of the first round, “the NBA selects Isaiah Austin from Baylor University.”

Isaiah cried as he walked to the stage…the entire Barclays Center stood and cheered as Isaiah took the stage and hugged the Commissioner.

“We knew we wanted to do something that would allow his dream to come true. He’s a special young man,” Silver told¬†CBSSports.com. “And it was very difficult for me to maintain my composure up there. It’s sad that something that was such a big part of his life has been taken away, but he’s making the best of a bad situation. That’s the best kind of outlook on life. We’re proud of Isaiah.”

An inspirational Isaiah would leave the stage and tell reporters, “God has really blessed me. He could’ve allowed me to keep playing, but instead he saved my life.”

We wish this amazing young man all of the best, as a new chapter in his life begins!


Luke Whitehead

Luke is the founder and CEO of Mixed Nation. He is a global ambassador for diversity, equity, and inclusion with certification from Cornell University. He is a former professional basketball player. He has dedicated his life to impact meaningful change within his circle of influence.

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