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Racist Clippers Owner Doesn’t Want Black People At The Games

It’s playoff time in the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers have a real shot at winning the championship this year, but instead of focusing on their next game they’re dealing with a racist owner. A couple of days ago a recording of Clippers owner Donald Sterling having an ignorant/racist conversation with his mixed race girlfriend was made public. He asked her not to bring black people to the games anymore and referred to minorities as the enemy.

The players have decided to continue playing their hearts out for their fans and themselves, but definitely not for their racist owner. During the pre-game warmups for their game today they decided to remove their Clippers warmup tops and warmup with their shooting shirts inside out, as a silent protest towards their owner…good for them! Now the NBA must decide how to handle this situation and some type of  suspension and/or fine will most likely occur.

Clippers warmup protest

 (Photo Credit: @ArashMarkazi)

Celebrities like Magic Johnson, Snoop Dogg and even President Obama have publicly expressed their feelings about Donald’s ignorant/racist conversation. Magic Johnson was personally insulted by Donald during the recorded racist conversation and here’s his twitter response.


(Screenshot of Magic Johnson’s Twitter timeline)

Story Update: NBA Clippers Owner Banned for Life and Fined 2.5 Million dollars! Kuddos to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the Players Association for making the right decision.

With situations like this still occurring in our society, it’s obvious that racism still exists. Mixed Nation is here to help make a difference and to help end racism…we have a lot of work to do. Please share your thoughts!

Luke Whitehead

Luke is the founder and CEO of Mixed Nation. He is a global ambassador for diversity, equity, and inclusion with certification from Cornell University. He is a former professional basketball player. He has dedicated his life to impact meaningful change within his circle of influence.

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