Soccer Star Takes a Bite Out of Racism! Recently in Spain, Barcelona soccer star Danny Alves had a banana thrown at him during the game…instead of getting upset, he decided to take a bite out of it and keep playing!

As a former professional athlete, I think it’s pretty cool how he handled the situation. He could’ve easily got upset and lost focus on the game, but he didn’t. He took away the power from an ignorant fan and got the last laugh, plus some potassium!


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On a serious note, it’s really sad that things like this are still taking place. We’ve come a long way, but it’s obvious that we still have a ways to go!¬†How do you feel about Danny’s response? Do you think it was the right move?

Luke Whitehead

Luke Whitehead

Luke is the founder and CEO of Mixed Nation. He is a global ambassador for diversity, equity, and inclusion with certification from Cornell University. He is a former professional basketball player. He has dedicated his life to impact meaningful change within his circle of influence. See more articles by this author >