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Black Lives Matter

Our youngest son is autistic and loud sounds create massive meltdowns and confusion for him. He has no understanding of a lot of things in society and has sensory processing disorder. We can’t even imagine him being in a situation where cops pull us over with loud sirens. His innocent life could be taken away from us due to his skin color and not cooperating well with the officers.

If a black person with excellent language skills can speak during a police attack begging the cops to stop the brutality against him, can you imagine what’s left for those black lives that have learning difficulties or disabilities? We have no chance of survival.

He’s holding a sign up and has no idea why. He simply thought we were taking pictures. He also has no idea he has autism because we make feel the same and no different from anyone else.

We are his voice and have to stand up to stop racism against black lives.

This has to end; enough is enough. The time hasn’t changed; racism against black people has always existed; it’s only now being more exposed because we all carry smartphones and can record the injustice happening to us.

Can you imagine all of the lives gone because they weren’t filmed?

Written by: blackistani_family

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