If you’re on Facebook, you may have recently seen the face of young Cianna Anderson populating your newsfeed. The 12 year old girl posted her story to the “I oppose bullying” Facebook page less than two weeks ago. As of today it has over 350,000 likes and over 7,500 shares. She wrote:

“My name is Cianna, I’m 12 years old, I’m bullied almost everyday, they call me Chewbacca because I used to have long puffy hair because I am biracial, people call me ugly and a snitch because I tell authority when I’m bullied. Last year was the worst people called me whore, bitch and fake and poodle for no reason, last year I hated myself and wanted to kill myself because of two boys at school the one boy still does it, but it’s going to change soon. I cut my hair for it to go back to its natural curly state and they call me bald and say I have an Afro and they poke at my hair while assaulting me, people make fun of my Instagram photos. I now know I’m beautiful and I try to stay strong. This has to stop happening to me and everyone else.”

 I remember the days of being called a “puffy haired freak” and being chased to the school bus because I was biracial like it was yesterday. So as you can imagine, this story really touched my heart. I was amazed at how much positive support this little girl received. But what was even more impressive is that at 12 years old Cianna has the courage to tell her story. She and her mother are using it to take a stand and spread the word against bullying. Bravo Cianna! You have our support 100%.

If you or anyone you know is feeling hopeless because of bulling please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit http://www.stopbullying.gov/.

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