Mixed Nation

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Intersections & Crossroads

How can I paint a picture with words so that its’ essence will remain tattooed in your soul?

See, it’s not that simple in this world of intersections & crossroads

where each human being represents a million different possibilities depending on their mentality on that day, at that hour or second . . .

and all of our personalities are just intersections of our DNA and diverse life experiences

past, present and future lifetimes collide on these universal crossroads

so sometimes it doesn’t matter that I truly love you cuz you’re so traumatized you don’t even know what love feels like

but instead of allowing the bitterness to burn me down, I strive to stay alive!

Reminding myself that we all have our own journeys to travel,

asking for patience to wait for when the time is right for all these lessons to unravel

These intersections and crossroads on the superhighway of life all serve their mystical purpose

I may be just one star, but my shine reflects your light and all together we make this magical sky exponentially bright!


Kaira Portillo

Kaira Portillo-Espinoza was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is grateful for having grown up around such a wide spectrum of diversity, which makes the Bay Area the unique place it is. Her first published book, Poems About This Roller-Coaster Ride Called Life, is a collection of poems she wrote throughout high school and college and explores issues of injustice, resistance, sexuality, and empowerment.