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Feature of the Day: Alex Jess Kennedy


“My wife is Thai and I am Black American. We love this site because it shows that you don’t have to stay with your race to be happy. Yet it shows people around the world that we have real love. I’m very happy with my Wife and I Love her so much. Sometimes you have to go outside the box to get your special prize. And Thank you Mixed Nation for this page on Facebook. Shout out to all the Mixed couples. Please share our photo of Love.” – Alex Jess Kennedy

Mixed Nation is a multicultural movement that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural harmony. Our online community consists of 500,000+ people worldwide. Our goal is to empower, inspire, and embrace positive people from all walks of life. Our “Feature of the Day” section will highlight one of our awesome supporters each day. Stay tuned your photo may be next!

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Mixed Nation

We are a multicultural movement created to celebrate our diversity & inspire cultural harmony! Please share your thoughts, stories & photos with us. Together we will make a difference.