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Feature of the Day: Chassidy Spencer


“Thank you SO much to your page for everything it does! Here is my story….. “Here’s to the little girl (whom I love dearly), who has been getting bullied at school for her natural curly/frizzy hair. I told her hair was beautiful the way it was, and that a lot of people would LOVE to have her hair. Her response was (Mind you, she’s 8 years old) “Well how come then, Chassy Belle, you don’t wear your curly hair?” -Heart swells up a beat-. The honest answer: I stopped wearing my curly hair a long time ago, because I was bullied the same way she was. For YEARS. I would get called names like “Frizz Ball” or “Afro Chass”. I thought the only way to “fit” in, was to have straight, slightly wavy hair. I started straightening my hair, to imitate the celebrities I looked up to. The only thing I was doing, was damaging my hair, and trying to fit into a societies standards. Well, if your’e going to try and teach an 8 year old a life lesson, it has to be more than just words. You actually have to give her something to look up to. My new hair style is for you, sweetheart! Now, give them bullies something to talk about.” – Chassidy Spencer

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