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Infographic of Interracial Marriage

It is evident from the infographic below that times have changed. According to the statistics, interracial marriage has doubled in the past 20 years! Representation of interracial relationships can been seen on television, in movies, walking down the red carpet, at your local grocery store or maybe in your very own living room.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been this way. If we look back in history we can see the signs of conflict for interracial or interethnic relationships. For example, the 1967 movie Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner starring Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracey and Sidney Poitier is a great representation of the struggles we once faced. The film puts a spotlight on the struggles of interracial dating and marriage when a couple’s daughter brings home a black man as her fiancé. At this time in history it was a very rare and widely unaccepted.

As time goes by society reevaluates their values and adjusts. We are now living in a time where interracial marriage is more established and respected. The media continues to evolve to represent this. Films and television shows now celebrate these relationships. A few modern examples are Scandal (Olivia and Fitz) and Grey’s Anatomy (Christina Yang and Dr. Burke). This is a significant and dramatic shift from the Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner era!

It’s not surprising that the rates are increasing. Families and couples come in all different shades and cultures. It’s an amazing opportunity to bring people together and to explore new traditions, music, food and most importantly to love one another.

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Source: Good & Column Five

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