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Mixed Up Clothing Q&A

Sonia N KangWe had the amazing opportunity to ask Sonia N Kang, the founder of Mixed Up Clothing, a few questions about her fantastic company!

Mixed Nation: What inspired you to create Mixed Up Clothing?

Sonia: Since my childhood days I have been sewing, designing and upcycling fashion for friends and family. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Hawaii before coming to California and noticed the beauty in diversity of all the different cultures. I think my culture, upbringing and the fact that my kids are Korean plays a big part in what I do. The inspiration for Mixed Up Clothing comes from my desire to introduce my children to their cultures and the culture of others. Wholeheartedly I believe that by sharing the gifts that other cultures offer we will positively impact the thinking of the next generation. We are developing friendships through fabrics.

photo 1
Tia Mowry with son Cree at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Event. The little Tiki top that Cree is wearing is by Mixed Up Clothing .

Source: Tia and Tamera Official

Mixed Nation: How do you begin designing a piece for the clothing line? 

Sonia: My inspiration comes from the textiles, cultures and people of the world. Mixed Up Clothing fashions are a fusion of ethnically diverse styles with cultural twists, and a blend of materials and designs from all corners of the earth.

Mixed Nation: Why do you think it’s so important for fashion to reflect different cultures?

Sonia: Fashion provides us with an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the beauty within different cultures.

Mixed Nation: What is one of your favorite pieces?

Sonia: The romper is a customer and celebrity favorite. The romper is also a style that is near-and-dear to my own heart as it was a design I created for my daughter.


Source: Mixed Up Clothing

Mixed Nation: What is the best reaction you have received from a customer?

Sonia: Here’s a quote I received from a customer in Washington. She was kind enough to feature us on her blog.

“There’s a kid clothing company out there that shares my values, and understands wanting to open your kid’s eyes to other cultures. Each piece featured is really cool, unique fabrics that tie into different cultures from around the world. And the quality is seriously amazing” – Megan of Sunshine and Sippy Cups


Additional Information

Where can we find Mixed Up Clothing?

Our fashion line can be purchased online at www.mixedupclothing.comhttp://www.lisakline.com/kids.html and http://www.vau.lt/mixedupclothing . Also you may see our fashion styles on a few celebrity kids as we have placed product with a few celebrity parents ( i.e Angelina Jolie, Tay Diggs, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Kam Horne, etc).

Tia Mowry with her son Cree! He is wearing the Tiki shirt from Mixed Up Clothing! Source: Tia and Tamera Official

Tell us about the MASC?

Sonia N Kang is a board member of Multiracial Americans of Southern California, a group that formed in 1986 that celebrates and advocates for multiracial families and children.

Why is this brand different from others?

Mixed Up Clothing embraces the beauty of the Americana family that appreciates cultural diversity and multiethnic style. We are the destination for multicultural clothing for the 21st century child. We are proudly made in the USA!


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