Elle Varner Beautifully Blended Interview

An exclusive interview with one of the hottest up and coming R&B artists in the game. Elle Varner is proud of her mixed race and she shares some of her beautifully blended experiences with us. We are Mixed Nation! Support Elle Varner by purchasing her album on iTunes: Perfectly Imperfect Photo Source: singersroom.com

Miriam’s Wedding Day!

Thanks to Miriam Dapron for the incredibly beautiful photo from your wedding day! You look stunning! Best wishes to you both! “This is a picture of my husband David and I. We married in June 2012 the same month interracial marriage became legal over 46 years ago!” – Miriam

Q&A with Elizabeth Berry – Mixed Nation’s Beauty Blogger!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Berry and I run the YouTube channel and blog, Berry Beautiful. My videos are on hair, beauty, fashion, and even advice. I have had a YouTube channel for a few years now but recently started the blog so that I can branch out on other topics. I love talking about my experiences […]

Questions for Solutions

When I tell people only a mere two years before this book was released, I was smoking dope in backstreets all night with no sense of direction, you could only imagine their reaction. Further to that, only eight months later, I began coaching strong social figures twice my age, TV and radio personalities, athletes, and people […]

Fruitvale Station: A Roller-Coaster of Emotions

In this age of sensory overload and oversimplification, of people being vilified or martyred for one cause or another, it was refreshing to see a film that did not do any of the above. Ryan Coogler debuts his directorial skills with a compassionate representation of the complexities and contradictions that exist within any modern day […]

Adorable Couple!

Thanks to Chris Taylor for sending in this adorable photo! “I love this woman and I want more people to know it!” – Chris

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