Cesar Chavez: The Man Behind the Movie

Growing up in California, I clearly remember learning about Cesar Chavez on the news around the time he passed away. Right after watching the recently released movie about him, I assumed I had been in high school because of how clearly I remembered that time in history. After doing some research for this article though, Read more...

MN Alexis Wyatt

Mixed Nation Inspiration: Alexis Wyatt

My name is Alexis Wyatt and I am African-American (father) and Hispanic (mother). For a very long time I struggled with who I was and my appearance, but after many ups and downs, I realized that the only one who needs to love me is me. And I finally do. The combination of features, cultures, Read more...


Cultural Conscious

In a world that is rapidly changing, where the advancements of technology create larger and larger gaps between generations, some things still remain the same. Technology is bridging the gaps between cultures throughout the world, bringing them closer and closer. Yet, our cultural subconscious fights to keep them apart. Culture is defined as the behaviors Read more...

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