Mixed Nation VIP: Keeson and Tristen

Thanks for sharing these adorable photos and thanks for your support!   “Two beautiful boys, Keeson & Tristen Starr: New Zealand-Maori and African!” -Angela Winitana

Mixed Nation Photo: Rachel P.

We love this photo from Rachel P! He is such a little cutie! “I’d like to share my perfect little blend also. Mother: Dominican/Puerto Rican Father: Jamaican. I love looking at the beautiful mixed babies all around the world. Thank you!” – Rachel P.

Mixed Nation Photo: Breana Q.

This is a beautiful photo sent to us from Breana Q! “California born! Mix of Mexican, Puerto Rican & Chumash Native American.” – Breana Quintero

Mixed Nation’s Family Of The Week!

Please show our “Family of the Week” some love!   “My son’s beautifully blended family!” -Tammy Geska Peters. You have a beautiful family, Tammy! Thank you for sharing. If you would like to see your family photo featured, please visit our Facebook page, or email us as: photos@mixednation.com!

Mixed Nation Community Question: Fitting In

Mixed Nation’s Community Question is from Marcus who asks, “I feel like I have trouble fitting in at school. I’m half white and half black and sometimes I feel like I have to choose one or the other to associate with. Have any of you ever felt this way? What did you do?” Please feel […]

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