Mixed Nation VIP: Caden and Kywauni

Thanks for sharing this adorable photo of your boys and thanks for supporting our multicultural movement!   “Caden & Kywaunie are beautifully blended with Caucasian & Jamaican. Thank you!! Love your site!” ~Cassie Blake

Beauty of the Week: Lai-Ling

Please show our “Beauty of the Week” some love! 🙂 <3 “Hey Mixed Nation, I’m a blend of Chinese-Jamaican, Caucasian, and Native American…and I’m proud of my mix!” ~Lai-Ling Bernstein  If you would like a chance to be featured as a “Beauty of the Week”, please post your photos on Facebook, instagram and/or twitter and […]

Mixed Nation VIP: Liam

Thanks for sharing this adorable photo and thanks for your support!   “Liam Michael: Mommy’s Caucasian and Daddy’s African American.” -Deborah Tooley

Growing Up 1/2 Japanese In San Francisco: Japanglish

Growing up in the heart of cosmopolitan San Francisco, it was easy for my mother to infuse her culture into me. Here, Japanese culture was ubiquitous.  I had Japanese doctors, dentists, abacus classes, and grocery stores. Every Saturday morning, I attended Japanese school with full-Japanese students. I hated it. I was at a disadvantage with only […]

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